Article Review


Research into preventable disease and how treatments work is an important part of the scientific literature. Clinical trials_(new window) are one type of medical research into disease, prevention, and treatments. You may see posters noting a particular clinical trial at your practitioner’s office or possibly an ad online or in the newspaper. Have you ever wondered about what these are? Look at this information from the American Lung Association_(new Window). This website has excellent information on clinical trials, important questions that should be considered, and links to ongoing clinical trials.

Looking at clinical trials you will see the hypotheses, variables, subjects, and how the study is conducted – the scientific method in action! For this lab, you will do your article review on a clinical trial.


* Note that this review has a few different questions asked so be sure to follow the requirements below for your required sections.

  1. Find an article (not a website!) about research about clinical trials
  2. Write a review of the article including the following sections:
  • Link to the original article
  • Citation (author, date, title, publisher, etc.)
  • Summary of the article
  • Glossary of terms that you or your classmates may be unfamiliar with
  • Specific disease, drug or strategy studied in the clinical trial
  • Purpose of the study or hypothesis
  • How the subjects were chosen
  • What was the experimental group and what was the control group
  • Opinion about this clinical trial

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