criminal Justice


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Is what portrayed to society an accurate depiction of the realities of the justice system? No, a majority of society get the knowledge of the justice system from the media. Television programs such as “First 48” and “Cops” to name a few has the ability of giving society the sociological insight of the justice system. The programs provide vital information for the public to have some understanding about the system.”The public’s conception of crime is to a large extent shaped by the media.The media can mislead the public about the nature of crime” (Introduction to Criminal Justice,p.7).

How does the justice system actually respond to criminal activity? The justice system consist of the police,courts,and corrections. The police first has to discover a crime has been committed and gather evidence. The evidence has to be solid enough for an arrest to be made. The suspect will then go to court and appear in front of the judge, the judge has the authority to decide if the crime is a felony, violation, or a misdemeanor. The corrections system steps in at their disposal usually with incarceration or probation, depending on the charge, and try to correct the offenders behavior.”Throughout each stage of the process constitutional protections exist to ensure that the rights of the accused and convicted are respected”. How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?(n.d.).Retrieved January 25,2017,from

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