Use Google as a case study.

You are going to be evaluating an organization’s social sustainability or responsibility initiative and its impact on social change. Specifically, you will address the following:

1) the influence of corporate social responsibility on ethical decision making and behavior;

2) the manner in which organizations promote ethical behavior through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives;

and 3) the intersection of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and social change.

Assignment: 8–10 pages

Describe the organization, its mission, size, location, ranking, profits, etc. (Google Organization)

Provide a summary of when the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was started and its role in the organization. Google

Explain the positive social change impact and the CSR initiative’s impact on the organization (i.e. on employees, leadership, profit). Google

Provide ethical considerations you think were (are) associated with the CSR initiative and if you were consulting with this organization, how you would address the ethical considerations you identified.

Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of this week.

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