Good Leadership


Good leadership is important for quality improvement processes, customer relationships, employee retention, and overall organizational processes. A good leader has several characteristics, including balanced commitment, positive role model, communication skills, positive influence, and persuasiveness. However, each leader may have a personally distinct style of leadership. In this discussion, you will explore the importance of leadership and the various leadership styles.

Respond to the following:

  • Discuss each of the following characteristics as they relate to quality leadership:
    • Balanced commitment
    • Positive role model
    • Communication skills
    • Positive influence
    • Persuasiveness
  • Analyze and explain which of these characteristics will be the most difficult to achieve for good leadership. Support your rationale with research and your experience.
  • Select any two of the following leadership styles and compare them in terms of effectiveness:
    • Participative
    • Goal oriented
    • Situational
  • Explain how leaders can (and should) influence the results of efforts to improve quality and explain how the leaders can be impacted by those efforts.
  • If you have to develop your personal distinct style of leadership, describe which attribute you would inculcate in your behavior. Support your rationale with an example situation in which that attribute would be highly effective.

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