The effective of Social Media


Please write how social media effects our lives in negative ways, in

friendship, family, safety and security and even our thoughts.

For example we expect friendship on Facebook from people who we don’t

know, in YouTube there always suggestions for videos that can lead us

to think in one direction. Also on Instagram and snapchat some people

are addicted to likes so they would post anything even if it

inappropriate. And so on. Please explain so well who media and social

media can mislead young people to do or believe in something that is

totally wrong.

Please write as you wanna convince someone to believe it.

The argumentative essay has very little to do with confrontation. Rather, it focuses on persuasion. For this assignment, you must convince your fellow classmates that someone or something is worthy of praise. Depending on your candidate, some members of your audience may need more convincing than others.

Choose someone or something that can be researched. Your topic may be well-known or obscure -both choices require specific considerations and approaches. For instance, someone famous may possess some traits that may repulse some while attracting others. You might have to overcome preconceived notions regarding your candidate. You must decide whether you will ask your audience to look at your candidate from a new perspective, or to disregard certain negative traits that are outweighed by more positive ones. If your subject is unknown, you must describe that person or thing to an audience that has no idea why this subject is significant, especially to them. A character sketch might be helpful, but listing good qualities is not enough. You must convince the audience that they should respect your

admiration, if not share it.

Your goal in this assignment will be to establish a persuasive reason for the praise or respect you are calling for. Why should anyone care that you admire this person or care for this thing? You are responsible for demonstrating that praise is justified, but this is also a chance to flex your writing muscles. Imagine this as a speech -will it be more effective if it is demanding or eloquent?


3-4 pages minimum

12 pt. Times New Roman font

Double spacing throughout; do not use extra spacing between lines or paragraphs

1 inch margins on all sides

Insert a header that includes your last name and the page number in the top right

On the top left of the first page, please include your name, the date, the course and section number and my name

Include a title that accurately denotes the content of your essay

Use and accurately cite a minimum of 2 scholarly sources, using MLA format

A successful essay should demonstrate the following end-point competencies for English 101:

Writing Practices

Understand writing as a process

Recognize the social context of the writing process as a complex interaction between the writer and a broader community

Writing Competencies

Demonstrates engagement in the writing process

Demonstrates intellectual engagement with course readings or other course materials in various written assignments requiring: summary and paraphrase, evaluation and analysis, and incorporation and response

Demonstrates competency in written expression according to content, organization, expression, and mechanics

Critical Thinking Abilities

Intellectual engagement with the texts of other writers

Intellectual engagement with one’s own texts.

Technological Abilities

Basic competence in using a word processor to create, edit, save, and print text, and familiarity with basic text layout strategies

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