The Relationship Between Pay and Job Satisfaction


Read: Does Money Really Affect Motivation? AND the Relationship between Pay and Job Satisfaction

  • Read the TWO articles :
    • Summarize in your own words what you learned about pay, job satisfaction, and motivation from the readings.
    • Based on this article, write three specific recommendations for a manager about how to use pay to reward performance and encourage creativity at work.

    Watch: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Dan Pink)

    • What did you learn about the relationship between pay, performance and creativity from Dan Pink? What can organizational leaders do to change their approach to pay, motivation and creativity to optimize performance?
    • What are the three factors linked to performance (from Dan Pink) and how are those related to engagement in work and on teams?
    • Give two examples of how teams/organizations can be redesigned to focus on the “Purpose Motive” to engage people in their work and optimize creativity.

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